Paleo Favorite Barbecue Chicken

Paleo Favorite Barbecue Chicken

Stupid Easy Paleo’s Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken. Adding sauces and spices to a blank protein canvas and making frequent use of my favorite culinary secret weapon – the crock pot – are two of my favorite ways to feed the machine and keep myself from getting a big fat case of food boredom. This is one of our favorite BBQ sauce recipes, and you simply can’t go wrong by stocking a supply of it for any meat dish that might need it. It plays really well with the other flavors, while making it perfect for items like chicken or pork, as well as ribs, which is what they’re recommend it goes on. Some delicious paleo BBQ Chicken Breasts without the traditional HFCS-infused junk that plagues this otherwise delicious paleo dish.

Bite-sized skewers of chicken and bacon brushed with barbecue sauce will be a hit whether you’re serving them as an appetizer or a main course. A paleo recipe for delcious and easy BBQ sauce. BBQ Sauce is one of those recipes that I am almost scared to post. People are very particular about their BBQ sauce. Favorite Things. Her site’s has been a favorite of mine since my early days of Paleo, and she’s been a huge inspiration regarding clean and tasty eats. You can find my recipe for Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken there – and trust me when I say it’s an easy one that can be made ahead to fit your busy schedule and utilizes my favorite kitchen secret weapon…wink wink.

A delicious shredded BBQ chicken recipe that is made in your slow cooker! When I switched to eating real food and no refined sugars I threw out a lot of my favorite condiments. If you stay away from dairy and/or butter you can replace the butter with ghee or coconut oil and you can have a Paleo BBQ sauce that is just as flavorful! When I’m feeling creative, I’ll break out some of my favorite grill accessories and play around with different methods, like doing stir fry with some prawns and veggies.


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