Paleo Family Favorite Chicken Lo Mein

Paleo Family Favorite Chicken Lo Mein

I would say that that and kung pao chicken (recipe will come) are my 2 favorite Asian dishes. I paired it with a veggie lo mein that I created using angel hair miracle noodles. 30 Day Guide to Paleo >>. Growing up one of my favorite dinners to have was Chinese food. Bill is another lover of Chinese food, but his mom would frequently cook home made Chinese dinners for their family, so of course what he ate was a little healthier than ordering greasy Chinese from a restaurant. This faux lo mein dish is made with zoodles (zucchini noodles) in place of noodles and the results are DELISH (and bonus under 300 calories) ! Each bowl is loaded with chicken and vegetables in a savory sauce. Another recipe to use and get those in my family to eat more veggies! It’s one of my favorite gadgets.

Quick Shrimp Lo Mein Paleo.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest for chow mein and I wanted to make it so bad but I just couldn’t do it because I know how bad that would be for my wedding day. Delicious and almost paleo. I added some chicken and it was sooo good. Will definitely be adding this to our family dinner menus! Honestly I didn’t think my children (ages 3-12) would eat it mainly from the appearance but I told them it was like the noodles we get from our favorite Chinese restaurant. So the other night I decided to try out Lo Mein with zucchini noodles and LOVED it. Totally satisfied my Chinese food craving. Food I Make My Soldier Delicious Grilled Buffalo Chicken with a Primal Ranch Dip!


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