Paleo Fairy Bread

Paleo Fairy Bread

I am not referring to Paleo or not Paleo, I’m talking fast foods such as McDonalds and KFC and junk food including lollies, chocolates and all other high sugar snacks, those that are blatantly unhealthy and bad for your child’s health. Invariably, you walk into a room where parents seem to beam with pride at the themed array of lollies, cupcakes, lollipops, candy, fairy bread, chocolates, cakes and so much more that they have prepared for everyone to see and eat. A pretty pink sparkly fairy dust that is perfect for eating. Great for birthdays, parties and everyday fairy fun. Butter the bread lavishly and carefully all the way to the crusts; every square millimetre of the bread needs to be slathered evenly with butter. Use exactly 25 percent more butter than you think is strictly necessary.

Full of kid friendly, nut free, paleo party recipes! The paleo way of eating is like the sexiest girl in school at the moment so you’ve probably heard all about her. It’s filled with chips, fairy bread, cakes, lollies and ALL of it is paleo and good for you and you don’t even need to have kids, or be a kid to buy it (actually, I very much recommend partying sans kids.

This is a great kids party favorite, simple to make, pretty to look at and guaranteed you’ll have none left over! You should test the Paleo bread they make (Julian Bakery). It has a simple ingredient list and claims it’s made with coconut flour. I could make my own coconut flour bread but it’s so time consuming and I have work and school and kids and now that I’m following this diet I have to make all meals in my tiny kitchen instead of swingin through the drive-thru at McDonalds **Quivers at the thought of all the crap I used to eat** so gross.


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