Paleo Fabulous Chocolate Cookies

Paleo Fabulous Chocolate Cookies

They’re easy to make, call for healthy ingredients, and taste fabulous. Will go into my rotation of go to Paleo cookies that can totally be served to “irregular” people. I just had to say how absolutely fabulous these cookies are!

Instead of being dense and chewy like a traditional chocolate chip cookie, this particular recipe yields a much lighter, almost cake-like cookie, similar to a chocolate chip muffin top. Also, I used canola oil (not paleo, I know) instead of coconut oil because I was low on coconut. Cookies are unbelievably delicious and even more fabulous the next day. I have a fabulous, fool-proof paleo choc. chip cookie recipe but it uses almond flour instead of almond butter. Linds, these are my favorite paleo cookies TO DATE, HANDS DOWN! Without her book, full of fabulous Paleo recipes (including a couple of Paleo Girl Scout Cookie recipes) , I would not have thought of making this delicious gluten-free dessert.

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