Paleo European Black Bread

Paleo European Black Bread

Whip this protein-packed, grain-free Paleo bread in minutes. If you have ancestral roots in Europe, rye bread may be a comfort food that’s close to your heart. Dark rye bread was considered a staple through the Middle Ages. Many different types of rye grain have come from north-central and eastern Europe such as Finland, Denmark, Baltic countries, Russia, The Netherlands and Germany. (how ironic when you know that I’m part german and I can’t have rye).

This is an easy recipe for a loaf of black bread with caraway seed for bread machines. Sourdough remained the usual form of leavening into the European Middle Ages. Bread made from 100 percent rye flour, which is very popular in the northern half of Europe, is usually leavened with sourdough. Check Out My First Kindle Book Grain Free Paleo Breads.

We’re big fans of the Paleo Diet around these parts. For example, people of Northern European descent tend to have no problem consuming dairy, while people of Asian descent tend to have issues digesting lactose and are often lactose intolerant: it’s because humans have evolved over time to adapt to their surroundings! And no, Im not giving up my cup of coffee in the morning and no I’m not drinking it black. The reasons why a Paleo Diet for children is not a good idea unless it is only temporary for gut healing purposes. Since I’m nursing it is not possible for me to ignore my craving for breads and fats. TwinSweet (Europe only).


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