Paleo English Muffin Pizza

Paleo English Muffin Pizza

I can use them for English muffin with nut or seed butter, egg muffin sandwich, or even English muffin pizzas. They can be made in microwave or baked in the oven.

So when I’m craving bread or toast, but don’t have any of my Paleo Bread on hand, I whip one of these up and have a nice lil’ grain free english muffin in a jiffy! Thanks to this revolutionary contraption called the microwave, you can have this on your plate in as little as 3 minutes! Easy as 1-2-3. The Ultimate Paleo Pizza. English Muffins were one of my favorite breakfast foods. These also make great English Muffin Pizzas for the kiddos (or you).

Fast English Muffin Pizzas. Original recipe makes 2 muffins Change Servings. How To Make Gluten Free Paleo English Muffin. Get more recipes here: FREE: 8 yummy Paleo Diet recipes: Here is a general recipe for a Paleo English Muffin. How to Make an English Muffin Pizza. Individual English muffin pizzas make a quick lunch or snack, and they’re easy when the kids want to cook.


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