Paleo English Muffin Bread

Paleo English Muffin Bread

These paleo english muffins take only 2 minutes in the microwave and are a great grain free addition to your breakfast. I am so happy with these Quick Paleo English Muffins, they make life, and my way of eating so much easier. I have been missing bread so much since I went low carb, and I’ve just recently been cutting out gluten. So when I’m craving bread or toast, but don’t have any of my Paleo Bread on hand, I whip one of these up and have a nice lil’ grain free english muffin in a jiffy! Thanks to this revolutionary contraption called the microwave, you can have this on your plate in as little as 3 minutes! Easy as 1-2-3.

The normal microwave bread recipes I find lacking somehow. But since it represents a part of the Neolithic time, bread isn’t truly Paleo even if it’s made with Paleo friendly ingredients. If you’re an English muffin lover it won’t be long before you’re hit with a craving and won’t know what to do to stay on track with your Paleo diet.

Mikey’s Muffins are paleo friendly english muffins that contain no gluten, grain, dairy or soy.  At Mikey’s Muffins we believe that we have broken the mold and given people with certain food allergies or health restrictions a delicious option to reintroduce a clean bread product in their daily lives. English Muffins were one of my favorite breakfast foods. Most breads are best toasted or used with a Panini press. Paleo English Muffins.


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