Paleo English Bread and Butter Pudding

Paleo English Bread and Butter Pudding

Malt loaf, marmalade and cinnamon custard are a match made in heaven. Serve with a dollop of orange zesty crme frache for true decadence.

This zesty take on bread and butter pudding makes a tasty alternative to Christmas pudding. Oct 2012. Pain au chocolat bread and butter pudding, a twist on the classic British pud. A paleo bread pudding made from banana bread and a coconut milk custard, served with a vanilla sauce.

These paleo english muffins take only 2 minutes in the microwave and are a great grain free addition to your breakfast. Of course I didn’t add additional coconut oil, since the butter already has oil in it. Somehow it works, and adds a probiotic feature to a dessert item. Then we get to the crumble, which is an assembly of nuts, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. These macaroons are nestled on a bed of chocolate, so you’ll get a nice taste in every bite, that is if you take more than one bite to eat them. Vietnam, Similar to banana bread or banana pudding. United Kingdom, The British equivalent of a popover, this is made with roast drippings.


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