Paleo Easy Slow Cooker Apple Pork Roast

Paleo Easy Slow Cooker Apple Pork Roast

Celebrate the arrival of apple season with this tender and flavorful pork loin. Are things starting to get a little nippy around your neck of the woods? Or are you one of the lucky folks who get the beginning of apple season while the weather is still gloriously warm and sunny? Either way, here’s a recipe to celebrate this year’s bumper crop of fall fruit: pork loin loaded with fresh apple slices and dusted with cinnamon, and then tossed in the slow-cooker to let all the flavors combine. No Crock Pot list would be complete without your traditional roast. Apples and pork go together really well because you get the sweetness of the apple infused into the pork.

God bless you and your tasty Paleo cooking abilities. I got a bigger roast and it fills the crock pot more, more apples landed on top instead of falling to the sides, anyway, just looks better in there, ha. Apple butter pairs perfectly with pork loin to create this recipe for slow cooker pork that’s perfect for a weeknight or Sunday dinner. This recipe reveals an easy way to make a tender, juicy pork roast in the slow cooker with muscadine wine, cranberries, and garlic. Easy Slow Cooker Apple, Pork and Onion Meal.

Then place the pork loin in a bag with honey and cinnamon and marinate it overnight. I never cook any pork in my crock Pot without a little bit of apple cider or juice.


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