Paleo Easy Breaded Shrimp

Paleo Easy Breaded Shrimp

Crunchy paleo coconut shrimp made even more mouth-watering with lime and chili. Serve with lime wedges for another extra punch of flavor. Deliciously sweet paleo coconut shrimp. Shrimp is one of my favorite foods, I love any seafood, but shrimp is so easy to cook with and I used to love coming up with recipes for them but when Alex and I started grocery shopping together and eating most meals together shrimp flew right off my radar. We’ve also included some easy shrimp recipes that can be used as snacks or appetizers, while staying healthy. They say you can serve this up on baby spinach as shown, or on a bed of fried cauliflower rice.

Simple and delicious, this shrimp fried rice is perfect for an easy go-to weeknight meal. In the time it takes to defrost the shrimp, you can have the cauliflower rice and veggies ready to go. Lightly dust each shrimp with your breading mix IMG3204. Coconut Shrimp are an incredibly easy and fast recipe to make on a busy night and this version is healthy and loaded with beneficial fats.

Paleo version of Bone Fish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp. Thick juicy shrimp tails, dusted with seasonings and fried, then drizzled in a banging fiery sauce…what better way to bring in the New Year? It was fairly simple to adapt Bone Fish’s recipe to suit Paleo and Whole 30 standards.


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