Paleo Easter Bread Ring

Paleo Easter Bread Ring

Paleo Easter recipes and ideas. This recipe also makes a great raisin bread by using 1 full cup raisins and baking in your bread machine or in a loaf pan. This comes partly because this is my first ever Paleo Easter and the way I feed my family just won’t work for the kind of sugar benders we used to have.   In addition to my Paleo Creme Eggs, I am making chocolate eggs filled with unsweetened almond butter and I will be following a recipe for a coconut filling from Eat Like a Dinosaur by The Paleo Parents.

I always thought it odd that Easter Bread’s short window (between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday) comes exactly when so many people abstain from eating bread as a sign of sacrifice for the Lenten period. Makes one 12-inch ring (10 to 12 servings). A braided ring of bread with colored eggs baked inside.

Here are 30 Paleo Easter recipes that are sure to make this a special holiday. Lavender Shortbread Cookies. 21. A traditional Easter treat, the Kulich is a sweet bread with a sweet glaze. I re-created this family favorite with all-Paleo recipes. Happy Easter! Healthier Paleo Easter desserts for your holiday celebrations will satisfy everyone’s cravings without the unhealthy side-effects. The top picture looks like a doughnut, but I don’t see a recipe for one?


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