Paleo Delicious Matzo Candy

Paleo Delicious Matzo Candy

Crispy matzos with a buttery toffee coating get a topping of chocolate and a sprinkle of pecans in this traditional dessert. Homemade Dark Chocolate (Paleo). Delicious Matzo Candy. Homemade Buttercrunch Candy. Read Reviews (16). Delicious Matzo Candy How to Make Hard Candy Homemade Dark Chocolate (Paleo) Sugar and. Find Quick & Easy Matzo Candy Recipes! Choose from over 200 Matzo Candy recipes from sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes. Delicious Matzo Candy.

There is a reason this delicious candy is usually called Matzoh Crack! It is addictive! That’s because I am still working on a gluten free Paleo matza recipe I have been for years. The whole menu sounds delicious anytime of year! I make them small and glue them together with melted dark chocolate. Passover desserts are making a comeback with this upgraded matzo toffee.

Long before gluten-free and paleo diets became trendy, there was another reason to avoid bread (and sometimes dairy) : Passover. Despite these restrictions, there are plenty of delicious sweets you can serve during the holiday, from a decadent three-ingredient flourless chocolate cake to tender triple coconut banana bread macaroons (which also happen to be quite healthy! ). A delicious and simple new take on a the classic crispy chicken cutlet. If you have indulged in one too many matzo balls or chocolate bunnies, you should take Elena Amsterdam’s spinach cake for a spin. Not only is it seasonal and delicious, but it’s paleo and vegetarian, too.


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