Paleo Darling Husbands’ Cake

Paleo Darling Husbands' Cake

I’ve made the paleo chocolate birthday cake recipe from Paleo Spirit countless times and had great results. I’m definitely trying this recipe next month for my husband’s birthday. Formed in the Womb AND a paleo birthday cake. He loved me so much that he gave me breath and three gorgeous little boys and an adoring husband. Today is my darling husband’s birthday. So I made him a cake. The cake was moist, soft, and tasted almost exactly like a cake made from wheat.

It has become a family tradition to make Angel Food cake for birthday celebrations. Will you be visiting the Paleo cafe? Eating Paleo What is the Paleo Diet? When Martine isn’t ogling food photos or creating scrumptious paleo and AIP dishes to share with friends and family, she is practicing yoga, reading a novel, or hanging with her darling husband and sweet pup. This paleo egg nog is thick, rich, creamy and delicous! Before I tell you about this thick, rich, creamy and delicous paleo egg nog, I first have to wish my darling husband, Roby, a very happy birthday! If you decide to make the cake then be sure to reserve a cup and a half of this thick nog before thinning it out with almond milk.

If you liked my paleo egg nog, you’ll like this paleo egg nog cake. I haven’t used it yet myself but have seen it in other paleo recipes. Darling Deuce? Everything you need to know about what to eat and what not to eat for the Paleo diet. He is a darling little dude! My husband & I liked him a lot! Darling Deuce: Formed in the Womb AND a paleo birthday cake.


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