Paleo Dad’s Breakfast Pizza

Paleo Dad's Breakfast Pizza

This or a variation of toppings would be great breakfast in bed for Dad’s Day! Cooking Breakfast For Dad Using His Old Cast-iron Skillet. It took four days with Easy Off oven cleaner to clean Dad’s 90-year-old cast-iron skillet. Breakfast Pizza. Paleo Breakfast Pizza Alexis Kornblum Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

I do not know of any AIP bread recipes, but plantains can be used to make a sort of flatbread. My dad sent us back with a late birthday present of CSA meat. Once it was the main, the 2nd time was with leftover homemade pizza, and I just had some with a fried egg for breakfast. This looks great! thanks for the idea of a breakfast pizza. My dad and I made this as a night before thing and it was delicious after we heated it up the next morning.

It’s like stuffed crust pizza, but better (and better for you). We don’t typically do a lot of dairy in our house (aside from butter) , so I don’t always top off my Paleo Pizzas with cheese, but when my dad and sister raved about this new pizza my mom made, I had her send me the recipe she used so I could give it a go, with my own flare. Paleo Breakfast Casserole with Chorizo. I took my dad’s texas chili and gave it a paleo kick in that pants. It’s a complete meal, protein, fat, carbs stick to your ribs good, but won’t make you fall down due to fodd coma. SparkRecipes: Free Recipes From SparkPeople. com. Search.


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