Paleo Crunchy Honey Wheat Bread

Paleo Crunchy Honey Wheat Bread

21 Bread Recipes- this is an awesome list of grain-free bread recipes! The only difference is you won’t be eating a bunch of artificial and processed ingredients, and instead you’ll be getting nourished by foods that your body craves, like flax seed, banana, honey, and more. Our Fluffy Paleo Wheat Bread is a sandwich bread or great for Paleo Croutons! Magical, golden clusters of crunchy, honey sweetened granola goodness. The idea is that they are crunchy, they’re a lot like little crunchy espresso tasting bits.

Paleo bread will never calm your cravings for Wonder Bread, but I promise that they will serve as a worthy substitute. It’s crusty and light, perfect for paninis, French toast, and of course, sandwiches. Wrong! This recipe uses coconut flour instead of bleached wheat and just a touch of honey for sweetness. This is a chewy, healthy loaf of granola-wheat bread from the bread machine. Paleo Grain Free Cashew Sourdough Bread. Oh how I love the taste of sourdough! It always makes me nostalgic about my visits to San Francisco. It may be zucchini bread but it’s more on the sweet side with banana and honey in the mix.

Well, this one’s for you Mom crusty bread that’s paleo-friendly! Combine the water with honey and oil. Grain-Free Family Favorites. The two other superstars here are the surprise crunchy bits of pecans inside, and the pecan streusel topping.


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