Paleo Creamy Lemon Cake

Paleo Creamy Lemon Cake

This blueberry lemon cake is a bright and flavorful dessert. While the cake cools, blend together the coconut cream, lemon juice, vanilla, and honey until completely combined. My Birthday is on Monday and I was wondering what Paleo treat I was gonna make myself…Since regular cake will make me sick sick sick. Lemon poppyseed cake with cream cheese frosting is my all time favorite.

My first version of this cake recipe was great if you like lemon muffins. Lemon Curd, Cream and Berries Grain free, refined sugar free, paleo.

Paleo Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream Icing made with coconut cream! 4 May 2015 | Recipes. This Paleo Carrot Cake tastes just like the real thing, but without sugar, grains or dairy! A simple and delicious Paleo Lemon pound cake that no one will ever know is healthy. We do primal so we had whipped cream and strawberries with it.


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