Paleo Creamy Chicken With Pasta and Broccoli

Paleo Creamy Chicken With Pasta and Broccoli

There is something absolutely magical about a creamy broccoli Alfredo sauce. Try serving over spaghetti squash instead of chicken for a pasta dish. Add the noodles to the pan with the chicken and broccoli, and then pour the sauce over top. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates on new episodes This is a creamy delicious chicken and spinach pasta. I am using fettuccini. A healthy dish that is like an Alfredo but without the cheese.

Chicken, pasta, broccoli and mushrooms. All enveloped with a simple, light Alfredo sauce that is made with milk, cream, butter and lots of Parmesan cheese. Don’t wait to try this tender, creamy chicken that is dairy-free and very satisfying. Added next are the bell peppers and mushrooms, although you could also add broccoli, zucchini, or squash, to name a few ideas. If you would prefer a more well-rounded meal you could serve the chicken over cauliflower rice, with roasted sweet potato, or over some Paleo pasta. It was like a creamy gooey casserole, reminiscent of pre-paleo day textures. WAS AMAZING! This is now added to my love list, along with your spaghetti squash with the avocado spinach pesto, your chicken alfredo spaghetti squash, and basically everything I’ve tried.

I figured that cheesy, creamy flavor could be put to good use in some type of sauce or dip. I added broccoli to mine, since that’s how we ate our Chicken Alfredo as kids. You can basically just make spaghetti by adding your meat and sauce and be done, but we are going to take it a step forward. Survival Mode Fitness – Paleo Recipes – Paleo Broccoli Chicken Bacon Alfredo. A paleo friendly recipe for a vegetable pasta topped with a creamy lemon-garlic sauce. Add the tomatoes, mushrooms and chicken to the pan and toss to combine.


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