Paleo Creamy Chicken Vegetable Chowder

Paleo Creamy Chicken Vegetable Chowder

A simple and quick to prepare paleo chicken stew that’s perfect for a quick dinner fix. As you will see in this recipe, I did not include a huge variety of vegetables, but rather only used the staples, like carrots, celery and green peas. Coconut milk gives it a nice creamy texture and added flavor. Here’s some chicken soup for your Paleo soul, a chicken vegetable soup you can enjoy without worrying that it is taking you off of your diet plan. Because it’s so easy to make a Paleo friendly chicken soup you can feel like you’re eating regular food, which helps the brain feel like it’s not being forced into giving anything up. You basically add different vegetables to some quality chicken, and they’re using a homemade chicken broth recipe so you really can have control over everything that goes in. This creamy creation is sure to satisfy, and it doesn’t use any dairy or other items you’re not supposed to be eating on Paleo.

A paleo recipe for creamy chowder with bacon, chicken and roasted poblano peppers. I added the usual carrots, celery and onion and used turnips instead of white potatoes, but you can try adding other vegetables as well. Start your meal off right with a warm bowl of this Paleo Chowder and you can even share it with all your Vegan and Vegetarian friends! Cream of Cabbage Paleo Soup. An abundance of cabbage paired with a cold day makes this Cream of Cabbage Paleo Soup a welcome meal. 20 Low Carb and Paleo Vegetable Noodle Recipes.

This paleo cream of chicken soup is rich and flavorful comfort food. DELICIOUS Dixie Stampede creamy vegetable soup recipe!


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