Paleo Coconut Oil Coffee

Paleo Coconut Oil Coffee

This article and video explains how to make Paleo coffee as well as tips on how to make it even better! You can actually just blend the coffee with some coconut oil, and you’ll get a similar look, although it won’t taste as creamy. Why on earth would someone want to put butter in their coffee? Well, if you have been around the “Paleo World” for long, you know that we aren’t scared of fat. I know some people use coconut oil as a substitute. Ingredients:

If you’re new to Paleo, be advised this is not a low fat diet. Hi Sarah- The first time I put coconut oil in my coffee I felt sick to my stomach as well. If you haven’t come across it yet, it’s made by blending black coffee with unsalted butter and an extract of coconut oil. It’s claimed to have multiple benefits, from improving mental focus and physical performance, increasing energy and speeding up fat loss. After doing coconut oil for awhile and my normal coffee grounds, I decided to do the full UpgradedSelf regimen – so I forked over the cash and purchased one of the Bulletproof Coffee Kits. The Paleo, Primal and Ancestral diets are starting to disprove these very common misunderstandings.

It’s particularly popular among individuals on a paleo diet. I know a few people who love it, and swear by it. Am now actually more interested in trying the coconut oil in coffee. Pingback: The Paleo/Primal/Perfect Health Diet Steve Omohundro ().


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