Paleo Coconut-Lime Sorbet

Paleo Coconut-Lime Sorbet

Lime Coconut Sorbet: dairy free and made with only 4 ingredients I bet you already have on hand! This tangy coconut sorbet has lots of tart lime flavour. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie with Coconut Almond Crust paleo + gluten free too!

But don’t fret if you love ice cream, because there are plenty of Paleo chefs out there that have come up with workarounds for ice cream that doesn’t contain these unauthorized items, and keeps it Paleo friendly so you can enjoy it without feeling like you’re cheating or going off course. Coconut Lime Ice Cream If you’re a fan of lime you’ll definitely want to try this lime-infused ice cream. Pomegranate-Dragon Fruit Sorbet This calls for Greek yogurt, so if you’re unable to handle this dairy product well you should look to sub out the ice cream portion of this recipe with one of the others on this page that uses coconut milk instead. This coconut lime sorbet is really quite easy to make. It just requires steeping the aromatics in the coconut milk, then churning it into a frozen treat! This 5 minute paleo sorbet is the favorite dessert at my house, even beating out traditional ice cream treats. Add in a little more coconut milk if mixture seems far too thick.

Kendra May 17, 2013 at 2: 08 pm I used to love me some cherry limeade! I’ll have to make a cherry lime sorbet, that would be awesome! You will love this easy recipe for Mango Coconut Sorbet! Add the coconut milk, lime juice, coconut palm sugar and arrowroot powder and pulse to combine ingredients. Unfortunately, this sorbet melts rather quickly. Paleo Tropical Ice Cream. Combine the cream of coconut, lime juice, and water in the container of an ice cream maker.


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