Paleo Coconut Chutney

Paleo Coconut Chutney

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One of the foods my husband and I really miss on the paleo or primal diet is breaded chicken. It’s just soul satisfying comfort food for both of us. Coconut Chutney is served with breakfast in South India and is made primarily with coconut, tamarind, and chilies. The peach chutney is a variation on a mango chutney recipe I used to make at the Bamboo Dining Lounge, where I cheffed for 8 years.

I learned how to make this Baigan Chutney from the same auntie who taught me to make Stovetop Tandoori Chicken and Lemon Rice, and it is delicious! Slightly sweet, spicy, and full of wonderful flavors, this chutney is very versatile and will make good use of summer nightshades. Heat coconut oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Banana leaves make a great presentation, but they aren’t absolutely necessary for this quick, zesty tuna dish.


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