Paleo Cinnamon Banana Cream Cake

Paleo Cinnamon Banana Cream Cake

There wasn’t ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes, or chocolate all over the place, just beckoning to be eaten. These brownies use plantains, which are similar to bananas, but have a different texture and also contain less sugar. There are two parts to this cake, the first is the apple cinnamon coffee cake as the base, which has a host of Paleo friendly ingredients. Paleo Banana Cream Pie is an all natural pie filling recipe. Sweet Treats tagged with banana cream, banana cream pie, bananas, cinnamon, coconut milk, coconut oil, dates, dessert, easy, maple syrup, Paleo, pie, primal, raw, vanilla extract, vegan, vegetarian, vitamix. I made this paleo banana cake a few months ago for my friend who is better at both eating clean and working out than I am, but a last minute plan change led to her not even getting to taste it. Add almond flour, flaxseeds, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla, and beat until well-incorporated.

This recipe comes from my awesome friend Esther over at Paleo on Main Street. I only changed a couple little things and this thing is AMAZING. But if ever anyone offers banana cream pie, I would be all in.   I never thought it possible to create such a thick, creamy, luscious and rich tasting pie – one that’s healthy let alone gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free!   It really is amazing what you can do with almonds, dates, pecans, cinnamon, coconut milk, maple syrup and bananas! The cake is light and isn’t overly banana-y just a hint of the fruit. Since we don’t have a hand mixer, I had David cream the butter with a wooden spoon — it requires some muscle-ing, but it works fine.

Banana cream pie is his favorite thing in the whole world so I was hoping this cleaner version would still make his heart do a little happy man dance. She has her own beloved banana cake recipe that she will cling into for dear life.


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