Paleo Chocolate Toffee Cookies II

Paleo Chocolate Toffee Cookies II

These paleo toffee bars are a grain and dairy free riff on one of my favorite Midwestern childhood treats – sweet and buttery chocolate toffee bars. The original recipe came from an old collection of collected recipes from my grandma’s homemaker’s club that we referred to as the “red cookbook” even after the book became so worn that the red cover fell off. These Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies totally nail the taste and texture of your favorite classic treat – the taste testers who tried these had no idea they were Paleo!  These gluten-free, dairy free, refined sugar-free chocolate chip cookies give you all the comfort without the guilt. Paleo chocolate chip cookies that are gluten, grain and dairy free but taste just like the real thing! Just a small amount of easy ingredients and you can be eating these in minutes! I can usually hold myself off for the first half of the day but that 2-3pm blah time gets me.

I store mine in the freezer until ready to eat! It helps keep the brittle crispier! Chocolate Toffee Cookie Bark 2. Chocolate Toffee Cookie Bark 1. From time-to-time I come across a recipe that is just perfect. This is one of them. Although I’ve tried some great paleo chocolate chip cookies before, these cookies really stand out.

Yes, indeed: This easy paleo cookies recipe is all of the above. A bar of milk chocolate with toffee bits inside, for instance, would not be paleo; Paleo Toffee Caramels & A Review of Paleo Indulgences Cookbook. Every recipe I have made thus far will be a repeat in this house. No-Bake Pumpkin Tarts, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Breakfast Biscuit Bowls, and Sweet Potato Fried w/ Garlic Oil.


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