Paleo Chocolate Surprise

Paleo Chocolate Surprise

Raw chocolate goodness. Dark Chocolate Parfait Paleo Chocolate Pudding Pie. Paleo Banana Chocolate Surprise Muffins. This is what our new house looks like. This is what our car looks like when we go to Ikea.

Monthly snack box subscriptions, paleo personal care products, gluten free snacks! It shouldn’t be surprising to know that when people cheat on the diet, it’s usually during this time. Paleo Surprise Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. A little glimpse in how to live Paleo-ish and still live in the real world, among other folks who aren’t on the same path.

Since you are PaLEOomg…Leo would be a cute little name for a super fantastic best dog in the world. Wait, so was this a surprise gift from the bf?


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