Paleo Chocolate Pudding Pie

Paleo Chocolate Pudding Pie with a Grain-Free Hazelnut Crust. Topped with roasted and crushed hazelnuts. Chocolate pudding pie is a classic dessert that is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s a great dessert to round-out a dinner party or b-b-que in the summertime.

Chocolate pudding pie was always served at Thanksgiving by my Grandma Jo. Our recipes are created using Paleo, Primal and Gluten-free guidelines. Chocolate pudding is back on the menu when you make it the Paleo way. There’s a separate recipe for the chocolate pudding that goes into this pie, and it consists of coconut milk instead of any dairy, with plenty of cocoa powder for just the right taste. Decant rich dark chocolate pudding pie with a grain-free crust and dairy-free filling.

Chocolate Cream Pie: Against All Grain Cookbook Review. By juli, July 30, 2013, In Rants. I had extra and put it in bowls and just had pudding.


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