Paleo Chocolate Mousse I

Paleo Chocolate Mousse I

This Paleo Salted Dark Chocolate Mousse is made with an avocado and coconut base, sweetened with maple syrup, and topped off with Himalayan Sea Salt! This quick coconut chocolate mousse is the one sweet treat that almost everyone at my table agrees upon. From traditional, paleo or vegan diet followers, to grain-free and dairy-free folks, but most importantly for those simply looking to enjoy a tasty bite of food- this effortless dessert is bound to impress.

This is a recipe for a very simple chocolate mousse that’s coffee flavored to give it a really rich and deep taste. As I discussed before in my post on chocolate, coffee and alcohol, both chocolate and coffee can have positive health effects, but can also have negative ones depending on the person and situation. The chia seeds in this avocado and chocolate mousse make it nice and thick and have a texture like choc chips. I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Never have been, never will be. To me, it’s just one of those Holidays that was invented by big corporations so they can fill their pockets with big handfuls of dollars.

Desserts, Chocolates Avocado Mousse, Gluten Fre, Chocolate Avocado Mousse, Mexicans Chocolates, Dairy Fre, Cooking Eating, Paleo Recipes, Eating Paleo. When I need a luscious snack or dessert in 5 minutes, this is my favorite treat. Creamy, rich chocolate is not only a gentle aphrodisiac. It also contains.


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