Paleo Chocolate Mint Shot

Paleo Chocolate Mint Shot

TIP: For mint lovers, try adding some mint extract. : ). Paleo Chocolate Mousse with Mint from The Tomato Tart. You can serve this in champagne flutes for a romantic dinner, in ramekins for an easy snack, or feed a crowd with shot glass size servings. Dark chocolate mint coconut butter cups are just like a peppermint patty but Paleo-friendly! Dark chocolate mintare you a fan? I’ll send you screen shots.

I bet it would go well with mint or cookie crumbs! Reply. Robin says:

St. Patricks Day Shots made out of Airheads. Hot Chocolate Peppermint Shots. Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Mint Shooters. Mousse For Breakfast! Raw Primal Mint Chocolate Mousse for breakfast! website. Egg Free & Whey Free Paleo Protein Bar (chocolate Mint Review). Julian Bakery’s New Egg Free & Whey Free Paleo Protein Bar (Chocolate Mint Review). Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting Shots. How to make healthy mint chocolate chip frosting with NO shortening, butter, or powdered sugar. A healthy shot of chocolate and coconut oil in 60 seconds! Paleo Chocolate Coconut Mounds.


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