Paleo Chocolate Martini II

Paleo Chocolate Martini II

Spicy Chocolate cocktail with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

It’s a spin on a chocolate martini, but it was so awful that we spit it out! Or do you have another Paleo cocktail recipe that you love? Paleo Chocolate Coconut Bars are a delicious and healthy treat your whole family will love! Gluten free and easy to prepare. You may pour chocolate syrup around the edge of the glass, or garnish with a strip of bacon. Either way, this is one of the tastier bacon martinis on the martini menu. 4 Replies; 1 Comment; 0 Tweets; 2 Facebook; 1 Pingback.

Optional: 2 drops liquid vanilla stevia or sweetener of choice -Optional: Garnish with fresh mint. -Using a jar of choice (martini glass, mason jar, etc) , layer fruit and coconut whipped cream -Garnish with mint and serve Ingredients. Chocolate Espresso Snack Bars. Free, Paleo & Vegan Fudge Babies recipe over at Chocolate-Covered Katie. Be sure to.


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