Paleo Chocolate Gravy I

Paleo Chocolate Gravy I

I have not had Chocolate gravy since my mom use to fix it when I was a little girl. Put all the ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium-high heat, and whisk to combine until smooth. Hand crafted, home made and a paleo-friendly chocolate sauce! Even if you’re not paleo, I highly recommend you prepare this sauce.

Chocolate Gravy? Seriously? Yep. It is one of those quick little sweet indulgences that was created by a very inventive and resourceful cook many generations ago.

Chocolate Gravy GF CF Paleo or amazing chocolate sauce. Paleo Chocolate Sauce Pumpkin-Spiced Chocolate Covered Pears with Toasted Pecans Raw Banana Coconut Cream Pie w/ Raw Paleo Chocolate Sauce. Delectably thin paleo chocolate crepes made with natural ingredients. Drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and a dollop of dairy-free strawberry marscapone.


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