Paleo Chocolate Gingerbread Men

Paleo Chocolate Gingerbread Men

Chocolate Gingerbread Men are a fun, holiday treat that is paleo, grain free, and has low carb (sugar free) version. I thought that gingerbread would be enhanced by adding chocolate. I decorated my little gingerbread men with Enjoy Life brand mini chocolate chips (thanks to Bill and Haley from Food Lover’s Kitchen for the idea, and here’s a link to their gingerbread recipe for anyone who wants to try a different version). Paleo Fried Chocolate Chip Cookies – Predominantly Paleo More.

During Christmas, my favorite cookie to make (and eat) are Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread cookies but this was before switching to the Paleo lifestyle. I’m kicking-off December with Grain-Free Gingerbread men and a Gingerbread house. After I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, I went ahead and ordered your cook-book. Chewy Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. Paleo Chocolate Cranberry Coconut Biscotti. Gingerbread Man Cookies (Paleo, Vegan).

Which brings me to this paleo chocolate gingerbread cake recipe. This is most definitely not the style of gingerbread for making men and houses from, and if you like your gingerbread mild, sweet and lightly-colored… this is not the gingerbread you’re looking for! Lastly, purists may dismiss this gingerbread cake due to its lack of molasses but, well, the cake is chocolate. A paleo, chocolate gingerbread cookie decorated with paleo royal icing and chocolate. Includes a low carb version. Are these gingerbread men exactly like the sugary, buttery original? Sure, you can use raisins or chocolate chips instead, but the contrast of the white against the golden brown is a really nice touch.


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