Paleo Chocolate-coconut Pinwheels

Paleo Chocolate-coconut Pinwheels

You guys know how much I love Honeyville’s almond flour. I use it in almost all my recipes and it works great for baking. I have tried many different brands of almond flour and no other brand gives me the same results. She has great Paleo/Primal recipes, beautiful photography, and even cooking videos! Guest Post, 17Recipes: Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies. These quick and easy paleo recipes will satisfy every type of cookie craving, from double chocolate chunk to homemade Oreos. From homemade Oreos to delicious pinwheels, we’ve rounded up the most mouth-watering paleo-friendly cookies. Double Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies You’d be nuts not to make these chocolatey treats studded with delicious macadamias, which are a great source of fiber and protein.

This Paleo Pinwheel Cookies recipe was created by Brittany Angell and can be found on her site brittanyangell. Best Ever Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Fig Pinwheels. Our recipe distills the fig filling down to its purest elements, and wraps it up in a classic cookie dough. Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

12 Delicious Paleo Cookies Recipes Daily Healthy Tips. Coconut flour chocolate chip cookie dough balls: ) mmm.


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