Paleo Chocolate-Cherry-Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Paleo Chocolate-Cherry-Banana Breakfast Smoothie

A simply delicious Chocolate Cherry Smoothie recipe packed with super-foods. 15 Nutritious Paleo Breakfast Smoothies – Crave Paleo says: Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie. View Lunch Ideas. They are a great breakfast on busy mornings and perfect as a post-workout recovery treat. Chocolate Cherry Smoothie with Cinnamon. This recipe uses unsweetened cocoa powder, which brings out the rich, sweet flavor of the cherries without any added sugar.

Chocolate cherry banana smoothie! Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie Shake Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan. A super healthy chocolate smoothie made with cherries, raw cacao, banana and almond milk. DAIRY FREE, NO REFINED SUGARS, 5 MINUTES OR LESS. Paleo Friendly Chocolate Chili (Whole30).

I usually have green smoothies for breakfast or lunch, but I’ve been known to have one for dinner when I’m in a hurry, too! Also I can’t eat bananas, do you have a sub maybe? Remember that on Paleo fruit takes more of a side role, and vegetables and meat get the lead. Fresh cherries will help your cardiovascular system, as well as aid in giving you a better night’s sleep. Along with the banana and avocado they’ve added spinach to this smoothie, making it a green smoothie and adding plenty of phytonutrients, even more fiber, and some iron. You’ve got to love the enthusiasm she has for chocolate, and can probably relate as well. A delicious Cherry Ripe paleo smoothie with coconut, raw cacao, almond butter, avocado, flax, vanilla, dates and honey. This is one very smooth and tasty paleo breakfast.


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