Paleo Chocolate Bunny Treats

The chocolate bunnies are out in force ready to attack. The Easter bunny came while they slept, and hid chocolate Easter eggs around the living room and kitchen. Even a couple of paleo cookies or a bowl of dried fruit can send my kids on a blood sugar roller-coaster. Paleo Easter recipes and ideas.

Delicious Paleo bite-sized chocolate treats for the whole family. Even if you know the Easter holidays aren’t about candy, it’s hard not to feel lonely and deprived when everyone else is enthusiastically tearing into chocolate bunnies and cheerful little bags of candy. Spoon chocolate into bunny molds (you can choose all sorts of molds including small bunnies or chocolate eggs! ). Paleo Easter Treats: Recipe Round-Up. Some traditions may include coloring Easter eggs, conducting Easter egg hunts, making chocolate bunnies and indulging in other spring-related treats.

Paleo Easter Eggs are a tasty little treat with no added sugar, egg free, dairy free, grain free, nut free, gluten free little bundles of joy. Place 1 Paleo Easter Egg in the chocolate coating at a time. But I promise, these little treats come together so quick (well, there is some cooling time, but still…) you could make them Saturday night while your kids are sleeping and they’d still be ready for Easter baskets in the morning. No chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and lollipops. I hope the Easter Bunny came and left you some treats. As I am now Paleo, chocolate bunnies and eggs were not on the menu for me and even though I am also changing my son over to a Paleo lifestyle too, there are times for treats and today he did receive a few treats from me and from family and friends.


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