Paleo Chocolate Banana Split Drizzle

Paleo Chocolate Banana Split Drizzle

This Paleo adaptation of a banana split adds some interest and fun to a plate of fruit for dessert, and it’s easy to tweak so it’s exactly to your tastes. This recipe is also very convenient if you can’t eat chocolate or just happen not to like it that much: a sweet fruity sauce drizzled over the top gives you a topping without the more traditional chocolate sauce. A banana split for dessert would have been one of my worst nightmares as a child. I was not a banana fan. Ice cream, chocolate sauce and whatever other trimmings might have been used to adorn the ensemble I would have happily partaken in. Now, as if a Paleo Chocolate Banana Split NutButter in a Cup recipe isn’t a treat in itself, I’ve got a fun giveaway happening right now so don’t forget to visit my giveaway page! Have fun!

Perfect summer treat See more about chocolate drizzle, frozen banana and drizzle. Paleo Banana Split Ice Cream Cake. Dark chocolate is drizzled on chunks of banana then frozen to make this sweet snack or dessert. Paleo Dark Chocolate Mousse Hearts for Two www. cleaneatingwi. Banana Split. Use on top of my raw vanilla ice cream recipe, add some sliced bananas, my raw whipped cream topping, and some chopped nuts and you have yourself a Raw Banana Split!

Top with either a dark chocolate glaze or a maple vanilla one with bacon sprinkles. Simply stuff a banana with heart-healthy almond butter, sprinkle with cinnamon, and let it roast for 15 minutes in the oven for a quick single-serving banana-split. A chocolate drizzle on the top really drives the flavor home. 24. A banana split makes perfect sense on a Paleo diet, because you’ll be using a banana which automatically puts it in the realm of the Stone Age. Decorate the banana split with the grated chocolate, dust with the icing sugar and cocoa powder and top with a sprig of mint. Cocoa cinnamon bread and butter pudding with butterscotch pears, Chantilly cream and a warm chocolate sauce.


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