Paleo Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Paleo Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Guilt, out the window. Say goodbye. This Paleo-friendly chocolate and banana shake tastes sinfully delicious, but is actually healthy for you. Creamy Chocolate Avocado Smoothie. She recommended a smoothie made with almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, ice, and a banana. Taking a cue from Stacy at Paleo Parents, we have kind of created our own program by combining the Whole30,  Paleo Autoimmune protocol, and 21DayDetox programs.

I always hear of people saying they had a smoothie for breakfast, but it never made sense to me why I coul. This Paleo-friendly banana shake is a quick and easy way to start the day. Banana Muffins II Fresh Fruit Milkshake How to Make Chocolate Shakes.

Now that I’ve talked smoothie, popsicles, chocolate, treats, etc. By changing to Paleo over 8 months ago I have seen amazing results and I’m a happier person because of it. Double Chocolate Paleo Smoothie: frozen banana; cup coconut or almond milk; ripe avocado; handful of baby spinach; 1 tbs. raw almond butter; 1 tbs.


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