Paleo Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup

Paleo Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup

Here’s a simple paleo recipe to try, Paleo Cream of Avocado Soup. Can be served hot or cold and makes for a delicious appetizer.

3 large ripe avocados, halved, pitted, peeled 1 large ripe tomato, seeded, chopped Zest and juice of 1 lemon 1 quart vegetable or meat broth Sea salt and freshly ground pepper Scoop avocados into a food processor or blender. Paleo Nutrition Seminars, CrossFit Nutrition, and the Original Whole30 Program. But while cold summer soups still elicit wonderful feelings of well-being, they might be better described as “a cool breeze for your insides. Cold Southwest Avocado Soup. Exclude the sour cream from this Chilled Beet Borscht, replace the butter with ghee and use your own homemade broth for this Cold Curried Carrot and Coconut Milk Soup, and subtract the Sriracha and use red chili flakes and Red Boat Fish Sauce to make this delectable-sounding Thai Yellow Tomato Gazpacho.

Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup. mangiapaleo / June 4, 2014. Cut the avocados and scoop out the yummy flesh. Heirloom Tomato Avocado Salad This is a simple salad that promises the same flavor in each bite, because it’s separated into bite sized pieces. Each serving of tomato comes with a serving of avocado right on top of it, as well as a leaf of fresh basil. Chilled Cream of Avocado Soup with Crab When summer is here nothing will quite satisfy like a bowl of chilled soup.


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