Paleo Chicken with Plum Glaze

Paleo Chicken with Plum Glaze

To make Plum Sauce Chicken Skewers (above) , which are the easiest appetizer ever, brush plum sauce onto raw skewered chicken and broil until golden brown on both sides (flipping once) and fully cooked throughout (no pink inside). Savory ginger roasted chicken with a rich red wine plum sauce!

This delicious paleo Chinese plum sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and tastes delicious with stir-fry or as a simple condiment with any meal! This makes a great sauce for stir-fry, and it’s also great used as a bbq-sauce-style marinade or condiment for chicken. Learn how to make hoisin sauce with no gluten, processed sugar, preservatives or colouring. Grilled Hoisin Chicken and Plums Deliciously Paleo says:

It enlivens chicken and vegetables-such as the famous lobio tkemali) kidney beans in red plum sauce-and is the classic accompaniment to grilled lamb or beef. Roast Duck with Paleo Plum Tumeric Sauce – Ever used fresh turmeric? Here’s a great reason to try it. 0. Share. 0. Share. Roasted Duck in Paleo Tumeric Plum Sauce – www.


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