Paleo Chicken with Creamy ReaLemon Sauce

Paleo Chicken with Creamy ReaLemon Sauce

I saw a recipe for a pasta with a lemon cream sauce and it sounded like something I could easily make paleo-friendly, but I didn’t want to be “that lady” that ripped pages out of magazines, so I just left the recipe there and made a mental note to try to make something similar when I got home. Add the tomatoes, mushrooms and chicken to the pan and toss to combine. This is an absolutely delicious chicken thighs recipe making the prominent use of black olives, garlic and lemon juice. The blend of those three ingredients, along with the subtle touch of thyme, make for an excellent meal that looks very fancy and sophisticated, but that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. Chicken and Mushrooms smothered in a Lemon Cream Sauce.

This chicken dish is sooo easy to prepare, has amazing flavor and of course Paleo! I serve it with sauted Cauliflower and a crisp salad. Yum. Think foods like fried chicken or chicken scallopini are a thing of the past now that you’re following a Paleo lifestyle? Think again! You just need to reimagine the dish with ingredients that don’. Marinated chicken breasts are baked in a buttery lemon and white wine cream sauce.

What’s up with this random post of a paleo lemon sauce? Hmmm. Well, I’ve got a delicious new recipe for you tomorrow that brings this easy aioli recipe front and center…. This turned out awesome, and with one taste, my 7yo decided that he HAD to have it for dinner later. I’m very excited about how the cream sauce turned out.


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