Paleo Chicken Salad II

Paleo Chicken Salad II

A tasty, sweet and savory chicken salad recipe that will be ready in minutes. A perfect salad to prepare with leftover cooked chicken. The biggest barrier to having chicken salad is the mayo that’s used in most chicken salad recipe, and more specifically the oil used in that mayo. By losing that you open the door for a host of yummy chicken salads. Although this South Asian-inspired chicken salad is making its debut on my blog today, it’s been one of my favorites for years. In fact, this recipe first popped up in our iPad app almost three years ago, before making its second appearance in our cookbook.

A recipe for the best chicken salad you will ever taste! I love how this chicken salad recipe incorporates (roasted! ) cranberries and with the help of diced apple, the sweetness balances out the savory and creamy aspects of this Paleo mayo-coated chicken salad. LUNCH: Chicken Salad.

You can make this chicken salad recipe with roasted chicken, slow cooker chicken or rotisserie chicken. My local grocery store has organic chicken in the rotisserie with no seasonings added. This recipe idea came from her, she has a staple chicken salad recipe that she makes weekly, and we get really creative with 100 million ways we can eat it. We love chicken salad. One of my primary reasons for figuring out how to make paleo mayo, was so I could enjoy chicken salad. My recipe isn’t fancy, but it is delicious and taste just like what chicken salad is supposed to taste like (according to me, anyway).


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