Paleo Chicken ROTEL Spaghetti

Paleo Chicken ROTEL Spaghetti

Cook spaghetti in chicken broth and water. 1 can drained Rotel; mix well. Grated Velveeta cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. CHICKEN SPAGHETTI WITH ROTEL TOMATOES. Melt 1 stick. Fix the glitch with this Paleo chicken Pad Thai that uses spaghetti squash as the noodle, and uses only Paleo friendly ingredients for the rest. Boneless skinless chicken beast or strips1 can of rotelspaghetti noodles1 lg block of velveta cheeseboil chicken and noodles until done drain noodles and place in a 9 X13 casserole dish drain chicken and let cheese into small squares add rotel and cheese to noodles and shred chicken and mix all together well cook 350 for about 15minutes or until nice an bubbly.

Stir in soup, cheese and Rotel Tomatoes. Reduce heat to low, and cook until the cheese melts, stirring constantly. Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole. The Best Baked Spaghetti Recipe – Plain Chicken & ZipList.

The following is the recipe for one Chicken Spaghetti Casserole: Chicken Spaghetti was usually served and it was ahh-mazing. I can taste it now just thinking about it. I wonder if a can of rotel would work instead of tomatoes and green peppers? A well loved casserole dish, this chicken and spaghetti casserole made with chicken, cream soup, onion, garlic and diced tomato, is loaded with cheesy goodness. Her chicken spaghetti was made with a whole hen and a red sauce similar to a beef based spaghetti, it was not baked, and it contained no cheese whatsoever. Tex-Mex Chicken Spaghetti: Substitute one (10 ounce) can of Rotel diced tomatoes, undrained for the regular diced tomatoes, omit the cream soup and substitute one (10 ounce) enchilada sauce, plus one (8 ounce) tomato sauce.


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