Paleo Chicken Gravy

Paleo Chicken Gravy

A little bit of arrowroot powder thickens it up and puts the finishing touches on its gravy-ness. They’re pouring this over a Paleo chicken fried steak, so why not follow their lead for a delicious dinner? I think I will try your gravy version as maybe a chicken pot pie sauce.

First things first: If you’re new to Paleo and you don’t have a slow cooker, get one pronto. Instead, follow the steps in my Slow Cooker Roast Chicken & Gravy recipe to the letter. This easy paleo gravy recipe uses pureed vegetables, pan drippings and fresh herbs for that traditional Thanksgiving gravy flavor.

Paleo gravy Can it be? Yes my friends, this is a discovery of a lifetime. Gravy is one of those foods that add on unnecessary calories to meals. One of the things that we missed most when my family switched to eating paleo was gravy. Most gravies use a thickener that is grain based, so that was straight away out. What is the method for keeping gravy Paleo? When we roast a chicken, it’s always on a bed of veggies. We take some of the drippings along with some well-cooked veggies from the bottom of the pan, (usually onions, garlic, squash, carrots, parsnips) , transfer to a sauce pan, add some chicken bone broth (from the last roasted chicken! ) and puree with a stick blender.


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