Paleo Chicken-Cherry Pie

Paleo Chicken-Cherry Pie

Easy to make and super delicious Paleo Cherry Pie!

You won’t miss this comfort food anymore! My Paleo Chicken Pot Pie will knock your socks off! I love chicken pot pie. My best friend recently suggested that I come up with a paleo version. I accepted the challenge and got busy baking! I’ve been craving comfort foods and having a blast creating Paleo friendly versions of my childhood favorites. This chicken pot pie with crumbly crust may be one of my best recipes to date.

These Paleo pie crust recipes will form the base for a healthy and delicious pie that doesn’t take you off course. They also provide a savory pie crust recipe, which you can use that for pot pies that are meant to be eaten as a lunch or dinner such as a chicken pot pie, or a beef pot pie. A delicious grain-free and dairy-free chicken pot pie made from scratch with carrots, celery and a thick cream sauce – a comfort food classic.


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