Paleo Chicken a la Charlie

Paleo Chicken a la Charlie

Sour Cream Wine Chicken that won me a grand prize win and first place in the main dish category! Baked Apricot Chicken. Delicious and Easy Paleo Orange Chicken, the whole family will love it! La Jolla Mom.

He was a primal cook – he couldn’t tell you why he did what he did, but he knew when it was “GOOOOOD. Charlie, you make this chicken for people, you’ll be making friends for life. I got Mac and cheese that taste and felt like vomit in my mouth with baked chicken that came in shreds with bones everywhere covered in what seemed like the entire pan of grease over it. Just eating the chicken a la carte is worth it, but having the rest of the glutton party is a lot more fun.

Pete Evans makes Paleo broth with chicken feet. ‘I couldn’t do it because I like sugar, alcohol and a chicken burger or chips! Charlie Hong Kong is also a great take-out selection. La Posta Seabright/Midtown www.


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