Paleo Chef John’s Dark Chocolate Mousse

Paleo Chef John's Dark Chocolate Mousse

Rich dark chocolate mousse is so easy to make and so impressive your guests won’t believe you made it yourself. Homemade Dark Chocolate (Paleo). Make your own homemade chocolate moussewith a secret surprise. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Dark Chocolate Mousse. This sensational dessert is an absolute no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. Homemade Dark Chocolate (Paleo). Homemade Dark Chocolate (Paleo).

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Adapted from John Scharffenberger, via Wednesday Chef. Another glorious thing about this recipe is that it works for vegans or those with dairy allergies if you use rice or soy milk and vegan chocolate such as Equal Exchange Organic Very Dark Chocolate. Paleo Diet Recipes September 21, 2013. St John pastry chef Justin Gellatly’s excellently named Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding sifts in some cocoa powder as well. The River Café and Zuni both bake their versions in a water bath to moderate the temperature for a creamier result, but as this is still a cake rather than a mousse, I prefer it to have a little bit of fluffiness to it. Got it from a book Paleo for Brits and it is absolutely delicious. This video recipe shows my favorite basic chocolate mousse recipe, with the addition of a little dash of chipotle pepper – which really does some strange and wonderful things. Hi Chef John, is it possible to use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate? or should I use a dark chooclate with a lower cocoa percentage?


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