Paleo Cheese Vegetable Soup I

Paleo Cheese Vegetable Soup I

There are plenty of recipes more glamorous than vegetable soup. If you want something to win first place in a modernist cuisine competition, pick another recipe. This mouthwatering chicken soup is good for your body and your soul. It’s also perfect for using up any vegetable odds and ends that are languishing in your refrigerator: you can really go all-out and add a lot of different vegetables according to your taste. Fall off the bone chicken soup with vegetables. Also remember that adding things like Parmesan cheese, bacon, anchovies, capers and store bought stock will add saltiness.

I never thought Paleo Broccoli Soup could taste THIS GOOD! honestly, others who try this would be shocked there is no cheese in it. It is THAT creamy and delicious! Just add some veggies and broth and you’ve got a classic soup to enjoy in under 30. Easy & Cheesy Paleo Baked Spaghetti.

I usually always take the tomato route when making vegetable soup. Want a ridiculously creamy healthy broccoli and cheese soup that just happens to be vegan, low fat, and only 75 calories a serving? This is the recipe for you!


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