Paleo Cheater Pancake Syrup

Paleo Cheater Pancake Syrup

Cheating, A Bittersweet Reunion With Pancakes…. The only saving grace of these things is that I made them fresh with eggs and high fat milk, and smothered them in butter, but also lots of fake syrup. I thought I would give a shot at making Paleo friendly pancakes. Depending on where you fall on the sugar spectrum, you may want to add some all-natural maple syrup for a slight sweetened flavor.

Paleo Pancakes With Berries And Maple Syrup Recipe. Paleo Pancakes With Berries And Maple Syrup Recipe. Keep it light and gluten-free with almond flour. This is the first Paleo pancake recipe my husband said he liked. These are not really easy though, just because you have to watch them so they dont burn and you cant cheat and flip them too early, or you got a mess to deal with your pan. Learn about the nutrient and antioxidant content of maple syrup, and whether it qualifies as a Paleo-approved sweetener.

Sweet soft Paleo Pancakes, made with only 3 healthy ingredients! A cozy breakfast for those on a grain-free and/or dairy-free diet. Top them with a little raw maple syrup or fresh fruit, and enjoy the fresh taste of fall in every wholesome bite! For impatient people like me for home making a zillion small pancakes is not an appealing option, I have a cheat. I have found that Walden Farms Pancake Syrup tastes best to me.


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