Paleo Caterpillar Cake

Paleo Caterpillar Cake

A simple and amazing chocolate paleo cake pop with vanilla glaze and chocolate ganache. Paleo Cake pops and they are AMAZING. Cat Johnston says: Yellow cake using almond flour; grain-free, gluten-free, Paleo, SCD, birthday cake, party cake, basic yellow cake. Paleo zucchini mug cake recipe Two recipes in one day? I know, crazy. I guess everyone gets to benefit from my E&M homework beating me down so far that all I wanted was something chocolate and.

I started gathering ideas for the cake, and decided on the very hungry caterpillar theme. I found some ideas on Pinterest and sent them to Tara and Jade.

Last week on my facebook page I shared a picture of a cake that I had made for my Crossfit Coach Now, I wont get onto my love of crossfit, or paleo eating on this blog (don’t get me started! ) , but after mentioning that this cake was in fact sugar free, dairy free and gluten […]. Paleo Birthday Vanilla Bean Cake – Super moist and fluffy Paleo cake made with coconut flour and arrowroot flour and frosted with decadent chocolate! This paleo mug cake is full of chocolate chips and happiness.


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