Paleo Carl’s Turkey Stuffing

Paleo Carl's Turkey Stuffing

A savory-sweet recipe for brining and roasting a whole turkey, complete with Paleo-friendly stuffing and gravy. Happy Thanksgiving! Thrilling, I tell you. But it was needed. I had to get up extra early on Saturday morning to get my butt to MBS CrossFit for their Turkey Challenge. It’s the one dish that makes this particular turkey dinner in November a Thanksgiving dinner.

Allrecipes has the best recipes for Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, and more! Carl’s Turkey Stuffing. Or how about a turkey stuffing so delicious that many people eat it as the main course?

Not perfect but it was filling, tasty, and super quick. Cost: 4. Someone told me that Carl’s Jr had some stuff I could try, so I went to give them a shot. I got the Turkey Jalapeno burger, without the bun and wrapped in lettuce. So I stopped at Carl’s Jr. to get a cup of ice to munch on when lo and behold, I saw something called a “low carb burger” on their menu. As a former die-hard-reader-turned-paleo-eater, I love to see stuff like this on here. You could substitute turkey if you don’t eat beef.


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