Paleo Cappuccino Cake Brownies

Paleo Cappuccino Cake Brownies

This is an easy recipe for paleo brownies that is loaded with double chocolate and is completely flourless. Oh I almost forgot, my favorite thing to do with all of my brownie recipes is to slater them with my delicious Coffee Chocolate Frosting. Think you’ve had your last brownie because you’re doing Paleo? Some Paleo sticklers don’t include coffee in their daily routine, or in their cooking. Traditional Black Forest Cake would definitely be a Paleo no-go due to all of the whipped cream, ordinary chocolate cake, and brine soaked maraschino cherries. On Paleo you really can have your cake (and brownies, cookies, etc) and eat it too! They’re using strong coffee in this so there will be a good dose of caffeine for you, and there’s even coffee added to the frosting so you pretty much can’t escape it.

This episode features a cooking demonstration showing how to make non dairy and sugar free Carob Cappuccino Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Brownie Cake. Dairy-free Recipes: Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake. If you like your sweets with a cup of coffee, this recipe is good for you! These no-nut brownies combine a mild coffee flavor with the richness of semisweet chocolate chips. I had an Aunt make a coffee cake with coffee grounds.

If someone brought me chocolate cake to my house today, I think all emotional disarray would be gone. I make a paleo mocha brownie recipe from the Practical Paleo book that is delish, but has too strong of a coffee taste for my guy. Just needed you to know that I made this brownie cake tonight as a late Easter treat for my boyfriend and I, who celebrated our first 30 days with paleo on Friday.


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