Paleo Cajun Chicken

Paleo Cajun Chicken

Give your chicken a little kick with hot sauce and cayenne pepper in this simple but delicious Cajun-inspired recipe. Homemade bone stock adds some extra nutrition, and the mushrooms make an easy side right in the same pan. Quick and easy paleo cajun chicken.

Since the sugar is a paleo no-no, this version of the recipe is much easier to prepare and takes the smoke-filed house and coughing fits out of the equation. Cajun Chicken cajun 00 B. Cajun chicken with zoodles is my absolute go to meal right now. Last Christmas I received a spiraliser and since then we have become well acquainted.

An easy and amazing combo for pasta is blackened cajun chicken with freshly made pesto. Try this Paleo Recipe for some amazing chicken that you can keep in the fridge all week.


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